Team Building Self-Defense Programs Deliver Employee-Employer Benefits

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Joining a local self-defense school or enrolling in a work-related team-building program to study Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Shaolin Kempo, or another martial art involves becoming part of a group. You will be immersed with like-minded people who are focused on honing their self-defense skills, physical fitness, and achieving a greater sense of mindfulness.

In programs such as a Team Building and Self Defense Course connected to an organization, you can anticipate working with colleagues, learning from instructors, and taking on a leadership role at some point. The lessons everyday people learn in customized team-building programs are transferable skills that prove beneficial in other life settings.

How Does Team Building Benefit People and the Workplace?

A growing number of companies are integrating team-building activities to encourage cooperation and improve productivity. Fitness classes, step challenges, and other programs are designed to boost morale by bringing people closer together. It’s not uncommon for business leaders to enlist the help of a local self-defense school to provide a martial arts presentation or ongoing after-work sessions. The goal is to encourage co-workers to join together and organically develop a sense they are all in it together. These rank among the top benefits team building delivers in the workplace.

Happier Employees

The corporate world can be an overly competitive and unfriendly environment. When people are vying for promotions and pay raises at the expense of others, that ramps up stress and negatively impacts personal relationships. Studying martial arts as a group fosters a sense of camaraderie that extends into the workplace. Co-workers quickly build friendships and have a common interest to talk about during breaks. In this way, team building creates a more positive workplace.

Reduces Burnout

Deloitte survey indicates that upwards of 77 percent of employees experience burnout in their current position. That’s why forward-thinking business leaders continue to seek innovative ways to reduce workplace stress often linked to absenteeism and attrition. Improved physical fitness, mindfulness, and energy are good elixirs when people start to feel run down. Staff members who build bonds through team-building activities are typically more energetic and enthusiastic in the office.

Increases Creativity

Studying martial arts promote problem solving and creative thinking. When students make mistakes during martial arts training, they are taught proper techniques with an encouraging smile. This approach runs contrary to the sometimes parochial thinking that errors are a type of failure. In martial arts, missteps are an expected part of the learning process and that mindset proves invaluable in the workplace. People are more inclined to put forward their ideas at work knowing they will be received with respect.

Better Collaboration

One of the unspoken lessons people learn through team building programs is how to function as a group. As the group interacts, participants find natural and meaningful roles. Much like a baseball team is organized to maximize each player’s batting, fielding, or pitching acumen, those in employee programs apply their unique talents. They also understand the skill sets of co-workers and move forward together. The end result is an organization that enjoys greater productivity and goal achievement.

Studying martial arts provides wide-reaching personal benefits that include improved physical fitness and mental health. When approached from a team-building perspective, people gain social and professional benefits, making them better equipped to navigate the workplace.



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