Team Building & Self Defense Courses

Team Building For The Workplace and Groups

Build a successful team by creating strong bonds and skills

At USSD Vancouver we believe in cultivating impactful and engaging events for all of our clients. The addition of our customizable Team Building & Self Defense Course has been born out of a need. Our society has become an uncertain, disconnected and potentially dangerous place for all of us; for many returning to work after Covid the added pressure of potential personal danger is overwhelming. Employers are eager to bring their teams back to the office but their people are struggling with the idea. Social Anxiety and the Fear of Covid is denying many Americans the opportunity to get back to life before the pandemic. We are here to help! At USSD you will find supportive coaching to help you work through these social anxieties. The strength and support that develops from the Team Building Self Defense Course is exactly what we all need to move forward without anxiety and fear.

Each Group will experience a customized program developed to teach regulation under pressure to ease social anxiety and generate confidence in any high pressure situation.

Whether you need to learn life-saving self-defense tools, or simply gain confidence in uncomfortable situations, we are here to create a safe space to learn and grow. Traditional Chinese Shaolin Kempo Self Defense movements are taught and practiced together, this generates an openness among participants to encourage connection. Once the group loosens up and relaxes, we integrate easy to grasp Neuroscience. The movement encourages self-regulation under pressure, allowing each person to reconnect with themselves and manage their fears. The fluid movements and supportive environment support trauma recovery for sustainable healing. Our intention is to create a safe space to make mistakes; mistakes are what allow us to learn and grow. Working through fears and anxiety together in our safe space is exactly what our disconnected society needs to get back to the engaged environment we all miss.


Everyone learns better in a relaxed, uplifting and supportive environment.

 At USSD Vancouver we seek to create a space where mistakes are not only supported but encouraged. The Team Building Self Defense Course is meant to lighten up our already pressure filled lives; this way you spend your time smiling and in the moment without realizing that you are learning. Come in ready to move your bodies, challenge your nerves and center yourselves. After each course you will be armed with applicable self- regulation tools for anxiety management so that under pressure the Self Defense moves you’ve learned are easier to apply. We are going to challenge the way you look at interactions with others by teaching the science of the brain. This course will not only empower you to feel confident in a Self Defense situation, but in all interpersonal relationships.

This course is intended to impact the lives of anyone struggling with social anxiety, uncomfortable or unsafe situations and low self-confidence. We are eager to offer these courses to companies looking to bring their employees back to the office after covid, as well as individual focus and support groups seeking to overcome the hurtles of trauma together. Reach out today to learn more. We are here to support you!

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Benefits of Team Building

A close-knit team will ensure productivity and a good work environment. Motivate your team members and bring them closer together!

  • Teamwork and boosting team performance
  • Team spirit and motivation
  • Workplace collaboration
  • Communication and working better together
  • Enhance company culture
  • Create something to look forward to
  • Unlock leadership potential
  • Improve employee engagement and morale
  • Build new skills that individuals in the group can be proud of!

Our Chief Instructor Matt Quinlan

Is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo and has studied Martial Arts for over 32 years.

As a young man in a rough neighborhood, Matt struggled with bullies. When his grandmother wanted Matt to gain confidence and learn how to defend himself, he began studying Shotokan Karate at the age of 6 in Whittier California. Little did she realize that 6 year old white belt Matt, would find his passion for Martial Arts at such a young age; Matt thrived within the structure, emotional outlet and physical challenges that Karate offered. His passion and talent continued to accelerate as he began training in Muay Thai and Okinawan Boxing as a teen. A natural athlete, Matt’s skill shined through earning him many invitations to participate in local tournaments.

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