Which Martial Art Should I Learn? The Benefits of Different Martial Arts

group martial arts class USSD self defense classes in Vancouver and battle ground

Cant decide which martial art to learn? Which martial art is best for self defense? Which martial art is best for children? There is no one-size-fits-all discipline for those wishing to enjoy the fitness, confidence, and safety benefits gained from studying martial arts. That’s why we hope the following information proves useful as you begin the process of choosing the right martial art for you.

By its very nature, self-defense encourages protection, not aggressive behavior. Selecting a suitable martial art involves matching your goals and sensibilities with the proper discipline. Each martial art teaches a style of self-defense designed to achieve a specific goal by enhancing a person’s physical and mental capabilities. Along with the self-defense element, martial arts are usually coupled with an ethical mandate.

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demonstrating the Benefits of Shaolin Kempo KarateBenefits of Shaolin Kempo Karate

Shaolin Kempo Karate merges the linear power movements of Japanese-styled Karate and Western boxing with the fluidity of Chinese-based Kung Fu. It also incorporates grappling techniques associated with Jujitsu. Combining these strategies translates into an effective practice that improves personal protection abilities in street confrontation scenarios.

Although Shaolin Kempo possesses deep roots in traditional self-defense arts, its instruction tends to be less dogmatic. Rather than hone strikes through maximum repetition, Shaolin Kempo blends hard and soft techniques. Beginners are gradually introduced to a balance of circular motions that underscore its four tenants of self-defense. These include the following.

  • Striking: Using arms, elbows, and open or closed hands to deter an attacker.
  • Kicks: The entire leg is used as a self-defense tool.
  • Felling: Leverage tactics such as pulling and shoving are taught to topple an adversary.
  • Grappling: Holds, joint locks, and wrestling moves are integrated to restrain an assailant.

Along with health, fitness, and improved flexibility, Shaolin Kempo includes hundreds of self-defense techniques. A program in this discipline can be tailored to an individual’s physical limitations.

demonstrating the benefits of tai chiBenefits of Tai Chi

Also known as “Shadowboxing,” Tai Chi was initially created for wide-reaching purposes. Many believe it was developed by Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng during the 1300s. But its graceful movements and low-impact cardiovascular benefits evolved the thinking surrounding Tai Chi.

These days, the artform leverages self-defense fundamentals for health, fitness, wellness, and mindfulness benefits. Widely considered a non-competitive and non-combative practice, research indicates the study of Tai Chi delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Improved Cardiovascular Capability
  • Increased Energy and Stamina
  • Increased Strength and Muscular Endurance
  • Improved Balance and Flexibility

Because Tai Chi requires minimal exertion and does not subject the body to hard impacts, it tends to be a reliable martial art for our valued elders and young children. It generally helps people achieve goals such as improved physical fitness and mindfulness.

Community members with physical limitations can generally adopt a unique Tai Chi program.

demonstrating the benefits of kung fuBenefits of Kung Fu

King Fu ranks among the oldest and most respected Chinese martial arts. Originating from the first Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu was developed to improve the physical fitness, strength, and internal vitality of Buddhist monks around 527 A.D. The Kung Fu exercises emerged as a foundational educational element that teaches patience, respect, humility, and pragmatic ethics in daily life.

Chinese Kung Fu was eventually embraced by popular culture, and Hollywood seems to have a fascination with the self-defense tactics. Bruce Lee movies such as “Fists of Fury” and “The Way of the Dragon” attracted audiences to self-defense fighting skills. The American television series “Kung Fu,” starring David Carradine, tempered the public’s image of the physical elements with ethics, patience, respect, and humility. People who gravitate to this famous discipline typically experience the following benefits:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Improved Muscle Tone and Flexibility
  • Enhanced Ethical Knowledge and Inner Peace
  • Greater Awareness of Respect and Humility
  • Improved Concentration and Mindfulness


Which Martial Art Should I Learn? Which Martial Art is best for children? United Studios of Self Defense is here to help you!

Added Benefits for Children:

Although Kung Fu remains a martial art suitable for all ages, it has pronounced benefits for children. The teachings serve as general reminders to impressionable children to show appropriate respect for elders such as educators. Benefits such as improved mindfulness and concentration also help school-aged youngsters to learn more effectively and earn higher grades.







It’s essential to understand that learning a martial art from a reputable organization generally ensures appropriate ethical practices accompany the physical techniques. If you are weighing these or other disciplines, consider your goals and discuss a practice with a certified martial arts instructor.



group martial arts class USSD self defense classes in Vancouver and battle ground

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