5 Tips for Selecting Self Defense Classes

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Taking self defense classes is a great way to increase your fitness level while also learning how to protect yourself from potential predators. There are many different types of self defense and martial arts, which can be overwhelming for a beginner who is just getting started. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a martial arts or other self defense subject to begin studying.

How to Choose a Self defense Class

  1. Start By Defining Your Personal Goals

First, you should begin by defining your personal goals and what you want to get out of self defense classes. Is your goal to master a martial arts skill? Or do you want a more relaxed approach that allows you to socialize and get to know people while getting fit and learning new skills? Understanding what you’re looking for in a self defense class now can help you narrow down your choices later.

  1. Review Your Limitations

Next, it’s important to understand what limitations you may have when attending a self defense class. Do you need your class to be accessible via public transportation? Are you on a budget and need affordable tuition rates, or do you need to fit classes into your weekends? In addition to your goals, you should also keep any constraints you may have in mind before choosing a subject or a dojo.

  1. Look at Self defense Academies and Dojos In Your Area

The availability of self defense classes in your area will generally dictate what subjects you can study. You may have your heart set on one style of martial art only to find that no one in your area offers instruction on that particular style of self defense. Look at programs offered near your location that you can walk, drive, or bike to, and make a list of the different types of martial arts instruction that are available to you.

  1. Research the Styles of Self defense Offered

Once you know what martial arts classes are in your area, you can decide which of these you want to pursue. Some dojos only offer one or two styles of martial arts, while others offer multiple. Research the types of self defense in your area before making a decision. Watch videos of people performing the martial arts styles you’re interested in and read blogs written by people who have studied these arts and put them into practice.

Choose a type of self defense that works for your personal goals and fitness level. For example, if you struggle with knee pain, Karate or Tae Kwon Do may not be a good choice for you. A low-impact self defense style like Tai-Chi might be a better option. If your goal is to lose weight while learning some self defense techniques, kickboxing might be better suited to your needs than Tai-Chi. Your success hinges on making an informed choice about the type of self defense you want to learn.

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  1. Compare Costs

Finally, you should compare costs between classes and determine what fits realistically into your budget. It takes several years to master a martial art, so if this is your goal, make sure you’re looking at future costs as well. You may want to contact the dojos and ask about additional costs for uniforms, testing, belts, and any other equipment you’ll need. This is especially helpful if you’re comparing multiple dojos who offer the same style of self defense. The cost of tuition and supplies may be different, helping you to reach a decision.



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