6 Physical Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts provide a great way to learn how to defend yourself, improve your physical well-being, and get plenty of physical activity. Learning martial arts can also boost your mental well-being and self-confidence and help you build self-discipline. What kinds of physical benefits can you expect as a martial arts student? The following are some of the physical benefits associated with this type of activity.

Improved Muscle Tone and Strength

Learning martial arts involves doing a lot of kicking, punching, and similar moves. Doing kicks gives your leg muscles a solid workout and can help tone them. Punches provide your arm muscles with a good workout. As part of your training, you’ll need to practice these moves many times. Going through these moves over and over can gradually tone your leg and arm muscles, as well as your core muscles. Your muscles can also become stronger as you learn martial arts, since you’ll need to develop muscle strength in order to give your moves more power.

Better Reflexes

Martial arts can help improve your reflexes. In fact, you’ll need to develop quick reflexes during your training in order to block or dodge attacks while sparring with a partner or facing an opponent during competitions.  The NIH did a study that Investigated Leg And Trunk Strength And Reaction Times Of Hard-Style Martial Arts Practitioners. Studies show that with regular practice, you’ll notice that your reflexes become faster. Having quicker reflexes is helpful when defending yourself, but they’re also useful when you’re doing everyday activities, such as driving, or playing sports.

Greater Flexibility

Keeping your joints flexible is an important part of reducing your risk of injuries in class and in your day-to-day life. Martial arts involve many movements that require you to give your joints a workout. Doing high kicks, for example, can help improve the range of motion in your hip and leg joints. Some blocking moves can help improve flexibility in your shoulder and arm joints. In addition to lowering your risk of injuries, being more flexible can reduce your risk of having joint pain as you get older.

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Cardiovascular Health

Practicing martial arts requires engaging in significant amounts of physical activity. In order to excel at martial arts, regular training is essential. As you do martial arts movements, you’re giving your cardiovascular system a healthy workout. Doing these moves can raise your heart rate, just as aerobic exercises can, which helps keep your heart muscles in good condition. This kind of physical activity also helps improve your circulation, which can result in lower blood pressure. A 2018 study found that just 16 weeks of martial arts training had beneficial cardiovascular effects, including lower blood pressure.

Better Balance and Coordination

Martial arts classes can help you improve balance and coordination. The moves you do as part of your training can give your core muscles, as well as your legs and lower back, a workout. Practicing these moves repeatedly helps train your body and brain to remember them and make it easier for you to perform them. Having better balance and coordination can help improve your mobility and lower your risk of falling, which reduces your risk of injuries in your everyday life.

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Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for lowering the risk of health problems. Being a martial arts student gives you a chance to build muscle mass while burning calories on a regular basis. This provides a healthy approach to weight loss, so you can feel your best.


Mental Health

Martial arts provides so many physical benefits, but there are also invaluable mental health benefits as well. Learn more about the Mental Health benefits of self defense training and martial arts:

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